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Rita and Colin Patterson
Rita and Colin Patterson

Rita and Colin Patterson have lived here for a generation or so. Rita is the inspiration and driving force behind the "Mumbiessence" range of natural soap and skin care products which are made and sold on the premises. Colin is a geologist by vocation; retired but does a bit of consulting, builds a few web sites and does the building and maintenance around the place. He can also dig holes and lift heavy things!

about Mumbles

In early 2007 we had big plans for what amounted to a small resort here; we'd managed to get the local Town Planning Scheme amended, and had made a start on some of the infrastructure and engineering. Reality intervened when Colin's job ended abruptly, swiftly followed by a financial onslaught from the GFC, which saw the grand plans shelved. We opened a weekend cafe in a building we already had, and came up with the name "Mumbles" because it had some synergy with our location, Mumballup, and as a bit of a parody on common cafe names like "Whispers" and "Rumours". The cafe was well received by its patrons, but there were not enough of them, so we converted it to a studio apartment "Paperbark", and started a major renovation of a flat at the other end of the building which became "Tea Tree". Mumbles checked in its first guests in October, 2013; since then the business has flourished, with continuous improvements of our own initiative and the suggestions of our guests.

We've "stayed around" a bit in the South-West, trying to experience a range of accommodation that the region has to offer, making note of all the things we liked and disliked in the hope of bringing the best to our own guests. The "likes" usually included attention to details and the little extras that made us feel special (we've included most of these in the base tariffs and tried to limit the add-ons to things that not everone wants). There were a surprising number of dislikes, especially at some of the tariffs involved; we've eliminated all that we can remember.


We're rather glad that Mumbles turned out the way it did. It's small, personal and friendly, "boutique" in every sense of the word, and a place where you can come and "turn down the World" a little. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Col & Rita's page has a bit more about us, some fun and some of Colin's blogs.