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bibbulmun track accommodation

Bibbulmun Track Map

Mumbles is right next to the Bibbulmun Track, a world-class walking trail just over one thousand kilometres long, that stretches from the outer suburbs of Perth on the west coast of Australia, to Walpole and Albany on the south coast. Through most of its length it winds through jarrah and karri forests, but comes out occasionally on to public roads and into small towns which afford walkers the chance to break their journey or re-provision.

Bibbulmun Track Hut

Bibbulmun Track accommodation consists for the most part of shared shelters at intervals of about 20km along the track; these are fairly rudimentary structures open on one side. Conveniences include a rainwater tank, campfire cooking, cold water ablutions and a drop toilet, however there is no bedding or lighting.

Where the Track crosses the Preston Valley, it follows the road which goes past Mumbles, so we are very well placed to offer somewhat better accommodation, either as a recharge stop for long distance walkers, or as a base for those wishing to enjoy the Bibbulmun Track in smaller bites.

North of Mumbles, the track goes directly into the bush from the corner of our property, past the Glen Mervyn Dam to the Yabberup Campsite. From the Yabberup Campsite you can continue northwards on to the "Track Town" of Collie, about a day's walk away, or follow a 19km spur trail heading westward to the Wellington Dam.

South of Mumbles, the track follows the road across the valley floor and up to the top of Clear Hill, where it strikes into the bush again, past the Noggerup Campsite and through virgin jarrah forest of the Greater Preston National Park, as it heads southwards to the next "Track Town", Balingup.

Long distance walkers will welcome the opportunity to rest up and wash or just dry their clothes, without having to divert from the track. If you are a day or two ahead or behind, we can (usually) either move your booking, or pick you up; we can even help with re-provisioning, mail, parking etc. Mumbles is a "hut and a half" from Collie or the Grimwade shelter, so by stretching a couple of walk days you can stay a couple of nights without disrupting your schedule. Alternatively, we can arrange pickups and drop-offs if you fancy leaving your gear here and travelling light for a few days.

Walkers wishing to use Mumbles as a base can choose between short return walks or longer walks in either direction; as the Track is accessable by road in several locations, drop-offs and pickups can easily be arranged to suit your time and stamina (or changed if you run out of either).

Whatever your Bibbulmun objective, at the end of the day you can have a hot shower, soothe your aching limbs in a hot tub spa, collapse in front of the TV, and subside into a wide comfy bed (Track campsites aren't famous for any of those).