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renewable energy & energy conservation

Solar panels

At Mumbles we take environmental issues and sustainability seriously. We have about 9,500 watts of solar PV panels installed, which take care of a lot of our energy requirements (including the water pump, which keeps going even if there is a power cut when you are all lathered up in the shower). We haven't found a renewable way of keeping the spas hot overnight in the dead of winter!

You will find our apartments comfortable all year round because they are both slab-on-ground construction (no cold floors - yay!) and have generous amounts of insulation, shaded windows and 6-star rated air conditioning. All of the light fittings are low-energy LED or fluorescent types, and energy star ratings are a major factor in appliance selection.


All water used on the property is sourced on the property. Each year, we harvest nearly half a million litres of fresh rainwater from our roofs into our storage tanks. Every drop is micron filtered and UV sterilized before use; safe, sparkling, and chemical-free at every tap.

Bore water is used for toilets and gardens. Our gardens are planted with mostly native species to attract birdlife. Further out you will find acres of green grass and mostly introduced trees, which not only look great, but substantially reduce bushfire risk.

environmental & social responsibility

Orang Utan

Some Mumbiessence soaps are made with a minimal amount of palm oil, which is necessary for acceptable hardness. We go out of our way to avoid using products made by James Hardie Industries or BP (including BP Solar). It's not always easy to tell; sometimes we can't go far enough.

We recycle what we can, and encourage our guests to do the same. Even our building is recycled, parts of the original having previously served as a family home, workshop, garage and a cafe!